About SEM

​The Spanish Society for Microbiology LOGO-SEM.pngis a scientific society founded in 1946 at the Jaime Ferrán Institute, which belongs to the National Research Council (CSIC). It was originally called the Society of Spanish Microbiologists, the name by which it was known until 1970, when its members decided to change it to Sociedad Española de Microbiología (SEM). The main objectives of the society are to promote basic and applied microbiology both amongst interested parties and society as a whole, to encourage international relations and to bring together the many professionals who work in all its various fields. It is an interdisciplinary society with some 1,700 members.


​SEM General Meeting

A major goal of the Spanish Society of Microbiology (SEM) is the organization of congresses, meetings and training courses. Besides the simposia on particular topics organized by the eleven SEM specialized groups, our society organizes the SEM General meetings every two years. For the first time as a joint meeting, the 26th meeting of SEM will be organized together with the 7th FEMS congress in Valencia, from 9 to 13 July 2017. SEM congresses are focused on a broad range of Microbiology topics, according to the goals of the society. In the FEMS-SEM congress in Valencia we will prepare an excellent joint programme, covering topics of general interest for microbiologists from different disciplines.​

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