Abstract Topics



​Biotechnology / Synthetic Biology / Systems Biology​Applied research on procaryotes & eurayotes including but not restricted to industrial microbiology, systems biology, genetic and molecular engineering, alternative energy sources  
​Education / Professional Development / Policies​Including training, CPD, research assessment frameworks, research and publication metrics, best-practice, careers, public awareness and history of microbiology
​Environmental Microbiology/Microbial Ecology/Microbial Communities​Including but not restricted to ecophysiology, ecogenomics and meta-omic studies, microbe interactions, aquatic and soil ecosystems, extreme environments, biofilms
​Food Microbiology​From food production and biotechnology to spoilage and food borne pathogens and food safety 
New Methods and Techniques
​Pathogens / Pathogenicity​Including medical, veterinary, plant and insect pathogens
​Physiology / Biochemistry / Molecular Microbiology​Including genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and ‘omic’ studies
​Taxonomy / Systematics​Including community studies for publication of novel taxa, taxonomic reclassifications and reviews of a taxonomic nature
​Virology   ​Including viruses infecting any organism, including bacteria and archaea, virome
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​Free Subjects / Other

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